Shadow of the Flames

Field Note - Letter of Notification
Clara Irene Telkes
Army Auxiliary Corps Headquarters Dallas, Texas 20 May 1939

Mr and Mrs. Robert G. Telkes
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Mr and Mrs. Telkes:

It is with deep personal regret I received the report of the death of your daughter, Clara Irene Telkes. She was assigned with a general to London, England on a mission of peace. She died in a heroic rescue attempting to rescue a child from a apartment fire. Attached is a copy of the article speaking of your daughter’s heroism. Unfortunately, we were unable to recover her body. This is a deep regret of ours and we express our greatest sympathy. We will help cover any expenses necessary for a memorial service. We wish you to know your daughter died a true hero. We of the United States Army cherish your daughter’s work with us and her memory. We were proud to have her as a member of our command. We offer you our sincere condolences in your bereavement.

Very sincerely yours,
V. O Sinter
Colonel, Army Auxiliary Corps

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9 May 1939



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